Time for Nativities and Christmas Tales

Christmas Tales, scheduled in December the 28th 2016, is our first official storytelling workshop. It comes after a lot of work behind the scene and it tributes our headquarter in Portico di Romagna.

The Italian Storytelling has been silently working since 2015. We actually did quite a lot. We successfully run two workshops, we applied for European Funds, we opened up a cute, small library and we enhanced relevant partnership such as the one with Scottish Storytelling Forum in Scotland.

That said, we decided to give it a go now that Christmas is approaching. We made this decision because our headquarter, Portico di Romagna, is the town of nativities. During Christmas, the village turns into a magic kingdom of arts, joy and spirituality. Could we guess anything better than that to bring to life a storytelling center?

…this is the way we thought of our first workshop on Christams Tales. Looking forward to meeting you this December!