Time for Children Stories. Nati per Leggere at the Italian Storytelling Center

Today, more than one hour of children stories and fairy tales. We told the stories, we illustrated them and we sang them. One hour with voices, images and 3d books.

Today, “Nati per leggere”, the project that approaches younger readers by reading stories out a loud, arrived at the Italian Storytelling Center. Our tellers, Annali Annalisa Balducci, Mirna Conficconi, Mariarosa Sala e Angela performed classic and modern children stories. In Italy, we say that Epiphany takes away all the parties. Well stories remain with us.

Now, after our workshop on Christmas Tales, we are already planning our next workshop on Easter Tales. Furthermore, we are getting ready four our next courses on Italian culture and language Dolce Vita Storytelling and Telling Dante.

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