“Quattro Storie in Padella” – Kitchen Stories

The italian Storytelling Center organizes the first event of the festival “Quattro storie in padella” (Kitchen Stories), the festival that brings together storytelling and gastronomy. The chef sets up a gourmet dinner while the storyteller puts in a story in between each course. Chef Matteo Cameli and Creative Director Giovanna Conforto. Find out more on Matteo and Giovanna on our Team.

Flier of "Quattro Salti in Padella", the Kitchen Stories Festival
Flier of “Quattro Salti in Padella”, the Kitchen Stories Festival

The first event takes place on FRIDAY, FEBRUARY THE 3RD, AT 8PM AT ALBERGO RISTORANTE AL VECCHIO CONVENTO (Via Roma 7). We will serve and tell food and stories inspired by bread.
Here is the MENU of the event, in which we will tell stories from Scotland, South Italy and Middle East:

  • Entrée: “Crostini” with sourdough bread;
  • First Course: “Strangolapreti” pasta Northern Italy style with butter, sage and grated lard;
  • Main Course: Fried chicken with rice bread;
  • Dessert: “Bread” cake;

Info & Reservations:

The Menus of all the following two events of “Quattro Storie in Padella”:

Friday March the 3rd 2017, 8.00 pm – Oil Stories

  • Entrée: Olive oil biscuit with semi-dried olives;
  • First Course: Tagliolini Pasta with oil, garlic and Porcini mushrooms;
  • Main Course: Pork Ribs in Oil cooked at a low temperature;
  • Dessert: Chestnut Mousse with olive oil;

Friday, April the 7th, 8.00 pm – Salt Stories

  • Entrée: Pop-corn of pork rind with rose Himalyan salt;
  • First Course: Risotto with smoked Scamorza cheese and black salt from Cyprus;
  • Main Course: Sea Bass in salt crust with grey Breton salt;
  • Dessert: Chocolate Mousse with sweet salt from Cervia

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