We Are Partner of Global Science Opera

The Italian Storytelling Center of Portico di Romagna is partner for 2017 of the international science communication project Global Science Opera (GSO). The Italian Storytelling Center will create one of the scenes of “Moon Village”, the opera that will be streamed worldwide to an audience of 4000 people. The project coordinator, Oded Ben-Horin, Stord/Haugesund University College of Haugesund – approved the partnership.

Flier of "Moon Village", 2017 edition of Global Science Opera
Flier of “Moon Village”, 2017 edition of Global Science Opera

GSO is a legacy of the United Nation Initiative 2015 Year of Light. The project entails production, recording and broadcasting of an opera based on scientific topic and designed by an international network of schools, universities, theater companies and scientific and artistic institutions. The landmark of this network if the flat hierarchy. Within the GSO network, students talk with professors, physicists deal with storytellers and teachers with choreographers.

After the productions of 2015 (Sky Light) and 2016 (Ghost Particles), GSO looks up to the sky with “Moon Village”. The new opera will tell the story of the European Space Agency (ESA), its technology and scientific knowlege. The Italian Storytelling Center will contribute to the global initiative by co-designing the narrative plot and by setting up, in Portico di Romagna, one choreography.

In 2017, GSO isa flagship initiative of the European Commission’s project, “Developing an Engaging Science Classroom (CREATIONS)”, and will provide one of the research Case Studies in the Norwegian Research Council’s project “Integrating Science of Oceans, Physics and Education (iSCOPE)”.

Reporting to the creative director, Giovanna Conforto, Gianpietro Lolli is the “alpha contact” of the project for the Italian Storytelling Center.

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