Highlights of Oil Stories. From the Mediterrenean Sea to Far East

On Friday March the 3rd, thirty friends shared with us the second event of our kitchen stories festival “Quattro Storie in Padella“. Here the pictures of Oil Stories, our night of food and storytelling

Oil Stories. The menu and the stories

Matteo and Massimiliano Cameli, chefs of Ristorante Al Vecchio Convento, prepared the artistic dishes for the cooking show.  Some recipes were inspired by international traditions, such as the pork ribs cooked at low temperatures, but there were as well original creations such as spaghetti with oil, garlic and mushrooms, that had been invented one night when the restaurant kitchen was empty.

Along with the food, there were oil stories, spanning in place and time. Ulla BisgaardPedersen performed the Greek myth of Athena and the gift of the olive tree to the humans. Anna Facciani and Lia Zannetti reported on stories of our region, collectiing personal and hystoric stories from Tuscany. Finally, Silvio Mini closed the show with the Asian zen story of the two oil drops.

This last story says: “The secret of happyness is to stare at the wonders of the world, while never forgetting the two little drops of oil in your tea spoon”.

Il prossimo appuntamento di Quattro Storie in Padella

Now, we are already working for the third event. See you on Friday the 7th with a journey from the Mediterrenean harbor of Cervia to the Asian mountains of the Himalyas for Salt Stories.

Le immagini di Storie d’Olio

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