The Gobal Science Opera Tells the Story of the First Human Being Born on the Moon

The international team of the Moon Village Global Science Opera, the European Space Agency program that communicates science through opera, has identified the topic for 2017.

The Topic of the Moon Village

The opera, which is performed by children and teenagers from participant countries, will tell the story of the first human being born the moon. The plot describes a moon colonized by terrestrial, due to pollution and lack of resources on our planet.

The Aim of the Global Science Opera

The plot stands as metaphor to inspire people to walk across linguistic, ethnic, and geographical barriers. Moon Village aims to stimulate sensibility to the new, the unknown, and the diversity, which often scare us. At the same time, Moon Village whishes a return to the Mother Earth, reminding us not to forget our origin, and to take care of the place where we come from.

The Official Site of the Global Sciene Opera

Find out more on the commmunication of science project the Global Science Opera

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