Our workshop on the interreligious dialogue will be presented at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival of Edimburgh, the main storytelling Festival in Europe, includes in its 2017 program our workshop on the dialogue between the three main world monotheism. The event will be hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute.

The Workshop

Our Italian stories are traveling to the main storyelling event in Europe, the International Storytelling Festival of Edimburgh. Next October the 24th, hosted by the Italian Cultural Institute, the Italian Storytelling Center under the scientific direction of the Interreligious Museum of Bertinoro will give the workshop “The Truth and the Three Rings”, that will be first presented in Italy during the “welfare economy” festival “Settimana del Buon Vivere”.

The Topic

The 2017 edition of the Festival research into the social role of storytelling and our workshop targets one of the hot topic of current international debate. The Thruth and the The Three Rings, indeed, addresses interreligious dialogue and wonders whether someone can pretend to hold the truth exclusively. While religious tensions increase, traditional stories from the Muslim, the Christian and the Jewish religion highlight the connections between the three main monotheisms.

Among the stories that the workshop explores there i sas well G. E. Lessing’s version of the legend of The Three Rings, metaphor of the three main monotheisms and story that provides the title to the event. Moreover, during the workshop, classic authors will be discussed, such as Giovanni Boccaccio, Ad-Din ’Attar e Jalal Al-Din Rumi.

The storytellers

Enrico Bertoni, director of the Interreligious Museum of Bertinoro, is the scientific director of the event. Bertoni will conduct the workshop with the storyteteller Giovanna Conforto, creative director of the Italian Storytelling Center and teacher at the International School of Forest Row.

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