Together for Stories of Feminine Wisdom in Santa Maria Ferrano

The Italian Storytelling Center has made new friends: Thomas and Paola, founders of Santa Maria Ferrano. With them, next September, we will explore stories of ancient and feminine wisdom. We hope this way to help them to establish a community with higher awareness, as Thomas describes it for us.

“In Santa Maria a Ferrano we want to create a greater awareness of who we are as individuals and as a community – where we come from and where we want to be going. This we do through the sharing of our stories, remembering the stories told before us and honouring the larger story of which all of us are a part.  “Storytelling” helps us become more deeply aware of the fabric that stories create, helps us gather their deeper meaning, encourages us to preserve and transmit them and enjoy them more fully”.

Santa Maria Ferrano – 8-10 September: Stories of Ancient Feminine Wisdom.

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