The Thruth and the Three Rings: Storytelling and Interreligious Dialogue

During th 2017 edtion of Settimana del Buon Vivere, the Italian Storytelling Center in collaboration with Museo Interreligioso di Bertinoro presents “The Thruth and the Three Rings”, the storytelling workshop that stimulates the dialogue between religions. The event will take place on Saturday September the 30th at 3pm, in the church of San Giacomo in Forlì.

The Workshop on Interreligious Dialogue

By eliciting images and sentiments through group work, the workshop encourages participants to discuss stories of the three main monotheisms, pointing out at the shared features (and divergences) of Christianism, Judaism and Islam

The workshop is run by Giovanna Conforto, creative director of the Italian Storytelling Center and expert on peace enforcing on complex social settings such as Palestine or Italian suburbs. Giovanna will engage participants through stories taken from the sacred books and selected by Enrico Bertoni, director of Museo Interreligioso di Bertinoro.



  • in order to take part to the workshop, there is no need of previous knowledge of storytelling or history of religions;
  • in order to improve the quality of the workshop and the group work, please be on time;

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