Storytelling and Interfaith Dialogue on the Stage in Edinburgh

The workshop on interfaith dialogue that the Italian Storytelling Center has developed under the scientific supervision of the Interfaith Museum of Bertinoro and the contribution of La Settimana del Buon Vivere landed at the Scottish International Storytelling Festival.

The workshop, titled “The Thruth and the Three Rings”, was hosted on Tuesday October the 24th at the Italian Cultural Institute Edinburgh. Over 30 people – supporters of storytelling and fans of Italian culture – joined the event. Moreover, the workshop got the attentio of the Social Media Stroll. The reporters filled the room with mobile phones, cameras and block notes.

The workshop was designed as an Italian contribution to the 70th edition of the Edinburgh festival that this year celebrated the power of storytelling for peace keeping and enforcing.  The title of the workshop “The Thruth and the Three Rings” comes from a famous parable devoted to the thruth and the impossibility to hold it exlusively.

The pictures of the workshop The Thruth and the Three Rings at the Italian Cultural Institute in Edinburg

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