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Creative Director

Giovanna Conforto is the creative director of the Italian Storytelling Center. Giovanna is a world-known storyteller. She has taught, performed and consulted in Italy and abroad. Her collaborations include Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and the Global Science Opera. Currently, she teaches at the International School of Storytelling (Emerson College – UK) and at the Master’s on Arts Management at the IED University in Rome.

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Lia Zanetti
President of the association, Lia discovered storytelling by chance and it was love at first sight. She searches, collects and archives stories. Native of the Municipality of Portico and San Benedetto, she is the account person for institutions and people of our valley. She loves walking, reading and going to the cinema. She does not disdain good food and good wine.
Silvio Mini
Vice - President
Event planner and tour leader, Silvio supports the Italian Storytelling Center with communication, social media and grant application. The last two times he was in Portico he was followed by people from Myanmar and Israel. He enjoys hiking and he is absolutely fond of a good coffee and newspaper on a free Sunday morning.
Flavio Milandri
Storytelling and Social Care
Sociologist, essayist, museum educator. For the Italian Storyelling Center, Flavio moves between projects and social communication. Playing with stories, games and social art, Flavio presides the Fantariciclando Association - Education, creativity, innovation; he is Curator of the Metamuseum of Second Life and he practices in the LUnGi - Libera Università del Gioco, in Tank - Sviluppo Immagine... and maybe he has the visual arts ... in the blood.
Stefania Ganzini
Professionally, I am a translator and I write the stories of others. Here, I enjoy telling and listening to them, as well as supporting the Center for secretarial activities and general administration. I like traveling and storytelling events are a great way to do it and get to know other people!
Anna Facciani
PR - Education and Non Profit
A poet and a writer, Anna lives and works between Portico di Romagna, Rocca San Casciano and Castrocaro Terme, spanning across the entire Valle del Montone every day. A professional chef, Anna connects the Storytelling Center to historical events and food, cooperating with national associations such as Slow Food. Fun of children and education, Anna then favors the relationships with schools.

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