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Creative Director

Giovanna Conforto is the creative director of the Italian Storytelling Center. Giovanna is a world-known storyteller. She has taught, performed and consulted in Italy and abroad. Her collaborations include Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and the Global Science Opera. Currently, she teaches at the International School of Storytelling (Emerson College – UK) and at the Master’s on Arts Management at the IED University in Rome.

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Massimiliano Cameli
Local Event Planner
Chef and sommelier, Max is the co-founder of the Italian Storytelling Center and the local event wizard. He is always on the move and restlessly works all round connecting the little hamlet of Portico with the world. He enjoys wine, travels, trumpet and much more.
Silvio Mini
PR and Communication
Event planner and tour leader, Silvio supports the Italian Storytelling Center with communication, social media and grant application. The last two times he was in Portico he was followed by people from Myanmar and Israel. He enjoys hiking and he is absolutely fond of a good coffee and newspaper on a free Sunday morning.
Ulla Bisgaard Pedersen
Planning and Hospitality
Reservation manager, Ulla is the living agenda of the Italian Storytelling Center. She knows about timing, pricing, availability and much more about all you need to enter and enjoy the magic world of Portico di Romagna. She is Danish, but she has got intensely used to Italian habits and she is by now totally fond of her evening spritz.
Matteo Cameli
President Academy Olmo
Truffle hunter and chef, Matteo is the president of Academy Olmo and he monitors all the activities of the cultural association. Visitors especially remember him for the adventure truffle expeditions that he organizes. Matteo is the sport guy of the team and he enjoys trails and off road running.

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