The Thruth and the Three Rings: the Images of the Workshop on Interreligious Dialogue

Workshop La verità e i tre anelli

In a few days, we will be in Edinburgh. We will perform at Italian Cultural Institute, the workshop on interreligious dialogue that we designed with the Interreligious Museum of Bertinoro, in the framework of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival. While waiting for the The Thruth and the Three Rings in Edinburgh, here are the image of thw workshop “La verità e i tre Anelli” given in Forlì, in the Church of San Giacomo, during the Settimana del Buon Vivere.

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The Thruth and the Three Rings: Storytelling and Interreligious Dialogue

I simbli dei tre monoteismi

During th 2017 edtion of Settimana del Buon Vivere, the Italian Storytelling Center in collaboration with Museo Interreligioso di Bertinoro presents “The Thruth and the Three Rings”, the storytelling workshop that stimulates the dialogue between religions. The event will take place on Saturday September the 30th at 3pm, in the church of San Giacomo in Forlì.

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The Stories of The Nature of This Moment

Once again, stories have colonized Portico di Romagna. Tellers from the UK, Hungary, Malta and Italy have performed the stories designed during the workshop “The Nature of This Moment” under the guidance of the Jewish storyteller Roy Gal-Or, co-founder of the International School of Storytelling of Forest Row. In the town center of Portico di Romagna, the tellers performed stories about the beginning, revealing the secret origins of natural phenomena such as the tides and the Taiwanese mountains.

Book Crossing at the Storytelling Center

Scambio di Libri

Visit us and share our stories. At the Italian Storytelling Center, we have always loved to let books free to travel from hand to hand and reader to reader. Upon request, we have made it clear now in every language of the world. So, come in, pick up a book and leave another one. Let the story on!

Languages from the World and Poetry in Town

Poesie nel borgo

Portico di Romagna, headquarter of the Italian Storytelling Center, grows up as a town of stories. Tonight, spontaneuosly, our friends from Lebanon, Scotland, the Netherlandss and Germany decided to take a walk together and share the best stories of their traditions.

Therefore, along the street of Portico di Romagna, we heard Shahrazād in Arabic, Jean Cocteau in French, William Shakespeare in Enghlis. And a poetry in dialect. Little magic of a summer night.