Easter Tales: Stories of Transformation and Rebirth

The Italian Storytelling Center welcomes the good season by presenting “Easter Tales: Stories of Transformation and Rebirth“, a storytelling workshop with Giovanna Conforto. The workshop will be held in the Municipal Library of Portico di Romagna (Piazza Marconi, 3) from March 30th at 5pm to 1 April at 1pm. The workshop will be conducted in two languages: Italian & English.

The Story of the Spring

"The Spring" by Botticelli
“The Spring” by Botticelli

“Once upon a time there was a pond in the center of which rose a long blade of grass that started from the bottom, crossed the water and slipped into the sunny air … Every now and then one of the larvae that lived in the pond climbed on the blade of grass, reached the top, came out of the water and …? “.

What will be the sequel to the story? What will happen to the small larva in the transition from one condition to another? from an underwater world to the earth? In any case, it will face a change that will transform it in something new and different. The theme of transformation and rebirth is at the center of our next storytelling workshop on the wave of the spring spirit and the Easter atmosphere that invite the renewal of body and spirit through the stories we tell and listen to!

Each participant is invited to bring a story, a fable or a myth about the topic of the workshop to share and work on and then discover … what that story will turn in to!

Easter Tales – The Program

On Friday we will meet at 5pm at the municipal library to begin to know each other and exchange stories, the evening at 21 will participate along in the famous and spectacular Good Friday procession.

Saturday we will work on the stories that everyone has brought with them.
On Sunday morning, the stories developed during the course will be shared with the group in a protected setting.

The workshop has a spiritual but non-confessional component and is open to participants from all religions and ideologies.

On Sunday (Easter) afternoon we can share stories through the streets of the village as a gifft to the community. (not mandatory but recommended).

Easter Tales – Useful Information

  • The workshop is offered on “Gift Economy” basis.
  • Possibility of accommodation from 20 euros / night / person.
  • Info & Reservations: info@italianstorytellingcenter.it