La Dolce Vita Storytelling

Storytelling and Italian language and culture (March 2017)

Dolce Vita Storytelling
Dolce Vita Storytelling

The storytelling is meant as a tool to evolve the spoken language and master the ability to tell a story or any other content in a more coherent way. The course will be in Italian and it requires an Italian level that is or high, intermediate or Advanced (B1 high or B2 or C1).

These weeks the basis for the workshop will be some Italian G. Rodari tales, but there will also be space for other stories.

You can choose to do 1 week of storytelling or 2, but each week will work as a closed cycle.

The prices for these 2 weeks in March corresponds with the Dolce Vita language prices. It requires a minimum of 2 participants. The afternoon activities are included in this package and coincide with the activities of the Dolce Vita package. (see “La Dolce Vita” on Academy Olmo).

Dates and Prices

Dates 2017 for a 2 week course:


Price 2017: 524€

Dates 2017 for a 1 week course:

20.03-24.03 or 27.03-31.03

Price for 1 week= 5 days from Monday to Friday: 290€  (not including the wholeday Saturday excursion).