Storytelling Workshop on Christmas Tales 2017

Final performance of the Storytelling workshop on Christmas Tales.
Final performance of the Storytelling workshop on Christmas Tales.

After the great success of the 2016 edition, even in 2017 we are launching the Storytelling Workshop on Christmas Tales. Together, by the fire of the holy nights, we will track back the inspiring stories of nativities, unlock them and share them with the people of Portico di Romagna, the capital of nativities.

The workshop on Christmas Tales is a tribute to the village of Portico di Romagna. At Christmas, indeed, the little hamlet of Portico di Romagna turns into a magic kingdom of nativities. Every person of the community creates his/her own nativity. Bread, salt, wheat, iron, wood, flour. Every material shapes a nativity and all the nativities together create a unique and unrepeatable charm.

The course runs from Thursday 28th of December to Saturday 30th of December,  when, in the afternoon, we will share our story in the village. (optional, but great fun!).

The workshop will be held by the storyteller Giovanna Conforto, artistic director of the Italian Storytelling Center.

We are launching this program on a Gift Economy basis. The first edition of Christmas Tales is offered at 190.00 €, but come along and pay what you can.

What better than Christmas Eve to make a join our Christmas Tales? Reservation required by December, the 24th 🙂

Info & Reservation

  • Booking Required by December the 24th 🙂
  • Board and lodging excluded.
  • The course is bilingual Italian/English and no previous experience on storytelling is required.
  • Attend the event on Facebook @ItalianStorytellingCenter
  • For any info or booking contact Ulla: Ph. +39 (0)543967053

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