Workshop of the Epiphany

At the Centro Italiano Storytelling in Portico, the town of Nativities, the “Befana” will bring this year a bag full of cheerful and original stories inspired by the most famous old woman in the world!

If you want to listen to these stories of the Epiphany, you are all invited to Portico di Romagna on 6 January 2020 at 3:00 pm. Depending on the weather conditions, the performance will take place along the streets of the town or at the Sala Iris Versari.

On the other hand, if you want to understand how stories of the Epiphany come to life and participate in their construction, the Centro Italiano Storytelling organizes for you a storytelling workshop that starts the late afternoon of 4 January and culmintaes on the afternoon of 6 January with the optional sharing of stories produced with all the inhabitants and visitors of the country.

For more information and registration, drop a message to Stefania

Program of the workshop

  • Saturday 5.30 pm to 8 pm – storytelling workshop. At the end of the workshop welcome dinner at Giovanna & Rosario’s offered by the Italian Storytelling Center;
  • Sunday 10 am to 6 pm – storytelling workshop. We will have a short lunch break and relax in the evening in a local restaurant;
  • Monday 10 am to 1 pm – storytelling workshop. You will be free for lunch and free as well to join us in the live performance across the village (or the Iris Versari hall in case of bad weather).

At Christmas’, you will also have the chance to eat and enjoy the restaurant of Nativities.

The Workshop will be held in the Public Library in Piazza Marconi 3.

How to Join the Workshop

WORKSHOP MEAL DEAL – € 60 including:

  • Sunday lunch with local delicacies – piadina and crescione – at the headquarter of the Italian Storytelling Center (drinks included)
  • Sunday dinner (including drinks)
  • Membership card

We kindly ask you to keep up inform of any food and dietary restrictions.

Participants who do not purchase the meal package are required to pay the € 20 membership card as the course is reserved for members only.

The Workshop is offered in a gift economy. You pay what you can and feel like to.