We Are Partner of Global Science Opera

Locandina di Moon Village, edizione 2017 di Global Science Opera

The Italian Storytelling Center of Portico di Romagna is partner for 2017 of the international science communication project Global Science Opera (GSO). The Italian Storytelling Center will create one of the scenes of “Moon Village”, the opera that will be streamed worldwide to an audience of 4000 people. The project coordinator, Oded Ben-Horin, Stord/Haugesund University College of Haugesund – approved the partnership.

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“Quattro Storie in Padella” – Kitchen Stories

Locandina di Quattro Storie in Padella

The italian Storytelling Center organizes the first event of the festival “Quattro storie in padella” (Kitchen Stories), the festival that brings together storytelling and gastronomy. The chef sets up a gourmet dinner while the storyteller puts in a story in between each course. Chef Matteo Cameli and Creative Director Giovanna Conforto. Find out more on Matteo and Giovanna on our Team.

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